Aftermath of A God’s World

You’re warm like summer and silky as cream

Slipping past my fingertips

As I raise you above your planet

And spill you back to whence you came

You are the sand that caresses my palms

And I feel every grain

I value every creature, every child that is mine

From the empty-eyed doe to the bow legged goat

Lovingly, I whisper life into their lungs and light into their minds

Bite me all you like, I shall never harm you

But bring destruction upon yourselves, that is when I cannot save you

You are hot like the summer and white as sour milk

The pearly bones of your existence slip past my fingertips

As you are risen above your planet

And crushed inside my palm

And spilled back to whence you came

This is a re-post from my Instagram. I felt that all poetry should eventually find its way back home to here, no matter where they are first birthed.


The Tyranian’s Mantra 

We shout like the Banshee

And praise invisible men

We threw down pillars of Apollo 

We shot Persephone’s wren!

We set fire to Olympus in the name of the King

We set fire to our houses to hear our women sing

The boys we decked in armor and flung them into battle 

The girls we took their covers and made their bones rattle

Down with the Gods! Down with the World!

We rid of their control as we eventually would!

Embrace our freedom from Zeus’ might 

Welcome to our garden of Earthly Delight!

And as we dance stark naked against the yellowed fields

Fire and lightning fall from the sky

Lava in torrents, flood our knees up high

‘Oh delightful of delights!’ scream the children of Tyranny 

Removing their masks to witness the calamity

‘Our King has arrived! Our King, he is here!’

We bow down to you, Sir, we bow down to Lucifer!

And the destruction dances in our eyes and our woops and calls beckon him 

He turns to face his selfless warriors

And the king embraces his children.

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