How to make a love poison

How to Make a Love Poison

You’ll need your materials. Ground cinnamon, wanning moon water, and rose thorns. You will also need an object of your recipient, anything will do. Make sure you have a vessel on hand [i.e. bottles, jars, containers, etc.] as well as a preparing dish.

Protective tools such as salt, candles, bells, incense,or red string are not mandatory, but encouraged.

It is best to perform the conjuring during a full moon when all forces are at their peak.


Silence is important. Perform the conjuring in a quiet space during the darkest parts of the night. No partners are necessary. It is best that you work alone.

Place your protections about you before you begin. Once satisfied, sit on the floor with your materials before you. 

Pour the wanning moon water into the dish. Blend in the cinnamon. Drop the object of your recipient into the dish and top the mixture with the rose thorns. Stir.

It is important to fill your thoughts with ill intentions. Failed love, non-existent love, false love, or if you fancy, toxic love. You may even force thr recipient to become infatuated with yourself or another person. Your thoughts and energies will imbue into the mixture.

When satisfied, pour the mixture into a vessel [a funnel may help get the mixture inside the vessel] and seal tightly. 

Rest the vessel upon a windowsill or somewhere near the moon for the night. The full moon’s amplifying abilities will amplify the intensity of the poison.

Clean up.


This poison is very simple, but moderately dangerous. The creation of the poison will result in the recipent being cursed however the caster wishes them to be. The effects may wear off with time so recreating the poison with new materials [including recipient’s object] may be necessary.

The poison within the vessel must never be revealed to the recipient or the effects will be instantly canceled. The poison must also never be opened [unless it is being emptied for a new poison or disposed of correctly] or the effects will be transferred to the caster.

To dispose of the poison, an apology must be made to the recipient [not in person] while holding the vessel firmly. Asking for forgiveness is crucial. Empty the contents into a dug up hole in the earth and bury it afterwards. After disposing the poison, it cannot be remade for the same person anytime in the future.


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