a day in the life

Dearly Beloved Sundays

Good evening, dear followers. To find that my loved ones have heard my call fills me with more honor and joy than any creature can ever possess in their lifetime.

I am pleased to welcome you, my heathens, into my temple. Though it is no Garden of Earthly Delights, trust that it is a place more welcoming than the world that surrounds you daily.

We are the unorthodox. We are the ones that will remember the remnants of life itself even when it has long past us. We carry the sound and feelings of memory within our very core, only for it to be offered back to the universe when it finally needs us once more.

My dearest heathens, rejoice, for you now represent something greater. We are something more, but then again, you always were.

I’ll keep it brief, my dear ones, for there are many other things that must be spoken of elsewhere.