Twin Snakes

To this day, a pair of twin snakes strangle my heart and sink their fangs into my mind. Their poison so deep into the folds of my memory that I cannot simply forget them.

This is an ode to you, my twin snakes. To those that plague my mind every day, here’s to you.

Grin and Smile

I met Grin on a sunny day, in a playground, on a bright summer morning 

She had wiry hair (it used to be smooth) that fluffed itself with each step she took

I became quite close to little Grin, but found when I upset her, she’d aim for my wrist and wring it until I cried.

And she was a fickle one, little Grin. She would yell and stomp and scowl with calculating eyes until you apologize for something you don’t remember anything about.

The only thing that remains of Grin now is a sweet handwritten letter. I keep it tucked away somewhere. And each time I come across it, I become mixed with distaste and fesr.
Smile was different from Grin. She was tender and curious, her heart soft as clouds.

I loved Smile. She had rays of light beaming from her head like a halo and a lightness in her feet that made her float. 

She was very sweet and I grew fond of her, until someone took Smile away. 

Smile disappeared one day and another smile took her place. This smile was strange and foreign to me. She would take my ankles and tie them together until my feet went white and untouchable.

She would hiss underneath her breath while taking hold of me, pulling me down with great force. 

I had to feed her, but the more I did, the hungrier she became. It didn’t take long before I ran out of food to appease her with.

I don’t know where Smile is now, or rather, I do, but I try to convince myself that I don’t so I won’t come back to see if she has been fed well or not.


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