It’s Sunday.

Hi again, you hellish heathens. Everything is beautiful isn’t it? Of course it is. People like you think everything is. 

But to the rest of us, I take your hand and hold it firmly. We survived my good friends. We lived to see another lovely Sunday. I am so proud of you withstanding those heathens for so long; I wish to embrace you all fully, give you a firm pat on the shoulder then be on my merry way.

Now for the news. 

Time is becoming short. We are becoming existential crisis’ with better consciouses (if that’s a word). Is what we do now even worth noting of in the future? If you feel that your morals are making your time waste away, then the solution is obvious. 

Get rid of your morals. Morals are restrictions upon the human soul. You will drown in guilt and anxiety trying to constantly justify your actions with your morals (we call that the cognitive dissonance theory). Without morals, you can no longer feel awful for doing something enjoyable. How does that sound? People being unhappy for feeling happy? It doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense.

Now with that draught of knowledge, I implore you to survive once again. For the heathens, may you smile with gay joy, like a partly-awake child staring into nothing. Without your numbers, we would not exist.



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